Graphic Designer for charities

What is a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers work with images and text in order to create visually appealing digital or printed materials, including brochures, leaflets, magazines, books, packaging, direct mail and websites, as well as image designs for corporate identity guidelines, branding, logos, exhibitions and advertising.

Graphic designers can work with a variety of images, photographs, illustrations, paintings and other digital media. Digital photo-editing software is frequently used to manipulate and enhance images and photos within a layout.

A graphic designer is usually hired to professionally design materials that send a particular message or marketing communication.

The duties of a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are often involved in the following:

  • Discussing with clients or an art director the aim of a project
  • Advising clients on design strategies
  • Pitching a concept or message behind the design
  • Creating illustrations or other images that identify a product, service or convey a message
  • Identify communication problems and develop visual solutions
  • Design graphics for illustrations, logos, and icons
  • Select colors, images, fonts, and layout alignments
  • Present the design to clients or the art director for proofing
  • Incorporate changes requested by the client
  • Review artwork for errors before printing or publishing

Graphic designers regularly select the type, font, size, line spacing, colour, and line length of headlines, headings, and body copy. If working to brand guidelines, a graphic designers options are limited so as to create a consistency across a variety of promotional printed and digital marketing materials.

Graphic design is vital in the sales and marketing of products, and is an essential part of printed and digital communications. Sometimes graphic designers, also referred to as graphic artists, artworkers or communication designers, and will work in partnership with executives and managers in advertising and promotions, public relations, and marketing.

A designer may specialize in a particular industry or type of product. For example, some create the graphics used in packaging for various types of retail products, some in newsletters and magazines, while others may work on branding.

Modern graphic designers must keep up to date with the latest software and computer technologies to stay competitive. Memory cards are essential but can be bought at low prices from places like Amazon.

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